Why Does Rudolph's Nose Glow?

Happy holidays from all of us from ZB Productions! Christmas occurred only a couple days ago; the holiday with many traditions, whether it be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, or waiting on presents from Saint Nicholas, the tradition related to either of those depending on the family. Maybe you celebrate, or maybe you're like a customer I had at work today who simply said "I'rather be kind the whole year, rather than one day," and choose to not celebrate. That's completely up to you. However, regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas (and what version) or not, there's a pretty plentiful amount of people that still have a lot of questions about some of the stories, for example, of why Rudolph, one of Santa's reindeer, has a glowing nose?

Chances are, you clicked on this blog post because you wondered the the same thing, just as I did a couple weeks ago. Thanks to HowStuffWorks.com, I found the answer in a very scientifically explained way.

In short, Rudolph's nose glows thanks to the same scientific process as jellyfish, fireflies, and some glowing underwater sea creatures: bio luminescence (a super fancy process that essentially means that living organisms can glow).

Looking at Rudolph's nose, it would have 3 layers. (A nose can have layers? Really? Yes.) The first layer would be a normal reindeer nose (in other words, the other reindeer shouldn't have left him out of everything for not having a reindeer nose), the second would be a thin organ (a nose-organ?Mhmm) which produces the light. But here's the problem- in most cases, this light produced in bio luminescent organisms is green. Now as you probably know, Rudolph was not known as "Rudolph the GREEN-Nosed Reindeer", but the "Red Nosed Reindeer", probably because it sounds better. That's where the third layer comes in as a chemical compound which alters the green light and makes it red. Him nose would be so bright because bio luminescence usually needs something like oxygen to keep it going. Lucky for Rudolph, he breathes through his nose.

Now maybe you're wondering, or maybe you're reading this because you're bored, but how would Rudolph be the one to get the nasal beacon? There's a theory out there that reindeer a long time ago would have had glowing noses to help them see in the dark, but later adapted out of them, still leaving the red nose as a recessive trait that could potentially pop up randomly in a new-born reindeer (such as Rudolph.)

So that's essentially (in much more plain terms) the theories behind Rudolph's very bright nose. If you would like to read up on the much more scientifically worded reasoning behind Rudolph, you can go here: https://people.howstuffworks.com/culture-traditions/holidays-christmas/rudolph-red-nose-reindeer1.htm

Have a happy holiday!