Seasons of Life

Life is full of many, many different seasons. No, I’m not talking about the basic four of Spring Summer, Autumn, and Winter, I’m talking about seasons of Life. They vary from one individual to another- and that’s okay.

Some seasons of life may include a very busy season, where you may be working a lot. For some it may be a time where you grieve a lot. Others may be a literal “show season” or “sport season”. Some seasons are quick- a couple days or weeks. Others may be years- and that’s also okay.

In each season, you encounter something, whether it’s an actual, physical thing or whether it’s a emotion or even a life experience. There’s 4 seasons that many people face: a dry season, a busy season, a trial season, and a happy season.

A dry season happens much more unexpectedly. You may feel much more numb to things, it may be a time where not much is happening and that creates a discontentment. If you’re going through a dry season, trust me when I say that you’re not the only one. I find that many times in a dry season, the purpose is to either have patience, or to find a way out of it. I know those are complete opposites, but it really depends on your circumstance, which creates two types of dry seasons: If it’s a dry season where not much is happening, you really feel impatient and there’s not much to do about it, then it’s a season where you need to learn patience, a season of patience. If it’s a dry season where you feel almost trapped, like you’re not getting anywhere, and it’s purely because of your mentality, then it’s a season where you need to learn to overcome, especially if you don’t feel like overcoming. Let it be a season of overcoming.

A busy season is exactly what is sounds like- a season where your schedule feels so busy and overwhelming. You feel like you’re doing a lot, and maybe it’s too much. In a busy season, you need to learn peace and rest, as hard as it may be. How you go about this varies from one busy schedule to the next. Maybe it’s finding one time a week to just have some “you-time”. Or maybe it means that you have to step down from something you’re doing in order to bring about a peace. If you are continually going, going, going in your busy season, it can easily run you over. Take steps to try to bring a big of peace to your busy season to make it more bearable.Let it become a season of peace.

In a trial season, once again, it’s exactly what it sounds like. You may be facing many different trials or struggle that are hard to get through, especially mentally. You may feel as though “you can’t”, or “you don’t have the strength to”. In this season, you need to learn how to rise above your fears, your trials, your tribulations. It’s very similar to the second type of dry season, the one that becomes the season of overcoming, but it’s overcoming in a different way. It’s perseverance. It’s not just overcoming, but continually rising above the circumstance you face, regardless of how difficult and pressuring they may be. It a season of perseverance.

In a happy season, life is grand! These are the seasons where you are most a peace. It doesn’t matter how long the season is, it’s about enjoying the times you get to spend in the season. There’s nothing you need to look at differently in this season, nothing you need to overcome. Just be. It’s a season of gratefulness, be thankful for this season and how you can enjoy it. It’s a season you can look back and reflect on when your in the midst of chaos or trouble and still see the joy of it.

In each season I’ve faced, I’ve grown in a new way. I've been through dry seasons in feeling numb, I've been through seasons of trial in facing grief, I've been in seasons of happiness in feeling complete joy. I've grown in each one! Growing is good! Imagine if plants never grew, or only grew when they felt like it: we wouldn’t be able to supply people with their needs, we wouldn’t barely be able to live or to breath, we wouldn’t be as advanced in technology, we likely wouldn’t be alive. It’s very important to grow, no matter how much we think we don’t want to “deal with it”.

Speaking of seasons, I have been in the midst of a busy season myself, and I’ve learned that I need to let go of some things, so I’m stepping down from my intern position here at ZB Productions. I will still be posting blog posts every now and then, since it is something I am passionate about, but I will no longer be posting these weekly blogs.

Seasons, although some may be tough, are periods of growth in some form. In whatever kind of season you may be in, whether it’s one that is listed or something completely different, it is very important to look at it through an optimistic lens. What can you learn from this season? What can it teach you? What will you do next time? Don’t keep rushing to the next season, waiting for storms to pass. Enjoy where you are in life! They haven’t created technology to go back in time yet, so make the most of each piece of life you have right now. I know it sounds clique, but seriously, it’s important to live life to its fullest.

~Elisabeth, ZBP Intern