Marie Kondo and Her "Spark Joy" Methods

Marie Kondo is a Japanese organizing consultant who has created a Netflix series all about tidying up and good organization habits. Her goal is to help #organizetheworld and create a better world for us all to live in.

On January 1st, eight episodes of “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” had hit Netflix, a show where Marie Kondo would help American families tidy-up their homes. The show was released to help people stick with their New Year’s Resolutions of cleaning- and keeping clean- their living spaces.

Now Marie Kondo wouldn’t go through and just get rid of things, but she gave tips to help people keep things de-cluttered through a couple of tips to clean by:

1. Limit Your Books:

What?! Yes, that’s right! Marie Kondo recommends people to get rid of their books- but that doesn’t mean all of them! She recommends that you simplify the books you have, only keeping those that you know you’ll read again or those you’ll need. It allows you to have more space to simplify an area. Too many books can become stressful! Send any books that you have that you know you won’t read again or need again to donations. A book is meant to be read, so if you won’t read it, allow someone else to!

2. Folding Clothes the KonMari Way:

Fold your clothes to that they can lay flat nicely, then have them standing up in your drawers. It allows you to see all of the clothes you have, and even allows room for more!

3. Remove Tags and Packaging Right Away:

By removing tags and packaging, it allows for the item to become truly yours. In quoting Marie Kondo herself “it is only noticeable that we overlook and eventually even forget them as we look through our wardrobe.” Pulling tags off allows for you to almost “adopt” the items in as your own!

4. More Storage Isn’t the Solution:

Start off with this: don’t buy storage containers until you have organized what you actually need the for and how big they actually need to be. The last thing you want to do is waste your money of “easy” storage methods that don’t even work for you. Also keep in mind- if you have so much stuff in storage, then 1) you’ll likely eventually forget about it and 2) that stuff really stocks up if you just keep using “storage” to “clean-up”. It’s not really cleaning, it’s just getting those things out of your mind. Find a home for things, and if you really don’t know what to do with something, ask yourself...

5. “Does This Spark Joy?”

This is what Marie Kondo so often asks people when referring to some items of their clutter. If it doesn’t Spark Joy, then get rid of it! But no, that does not mean throw away your bills, as much as you may want to, but it does mean that it is okay to get rid of things like gifts that you’ll never touch or clothes you’ll never wear. It can help you to save money and live a little happier!

In all of it, it really does feel so much better to live a cleaner life. Once it’s done and everything is figured out, you won’t be searching as much for where you put that thing that you swear you saw sitting over there. Her revolutionary cleaning habits and advice really might help #organizetheworld

Need more Marie Kondo tips? Check out her show on Netflix!

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