Elisabeth, Welcome 2 #ZBSquad!

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Hey everyone!! Elisabeth was our intern who is now doing amazing things like graduating from high school! But she still shows up every-so-often! We keep her around. ;)



Elisabeth attends Pennridge High School! She enjoys reading, writing, dancing (when there's time); playing her guitar, and singing in her school choir, as well as getting to do all things drama-related in her school shows!

Elisabeth spends most of her time humbly working behind the scenes, and not as much time in front of the camera... So you may not see her all the time, but she's always around, helping get done whatever needs to be done, or organising! So this is her moment to be in the spotlight!

We are so excited to have her as an official member of our staff at ZB™ Productions as an intern, as well as our Official ZB™ Ambassador (#ZBAmbassador) for the ZB™ Squad (#ZBSquad).

*All current photos compliments respective photographers that Elisabeth has worked with...

Zoe Beth™, has known her most of her entire life and says, "I have been waiting for the official day that I could introduce you all to her! She's one of my favorites, and her love and positivity are both genuine and contagious!"

Welcome to the ZB™Productions Staff, Elisabeth!!