We are ZB™ Productions - An International Brand for Zoe Beth™ & Beyond!

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

ZB™ Productions - Zoe Beth™ Music International was named for Zoe Beth™/Zoe Elizabeth (Actress, Model, Dancer, Fashion Designer).

Zoe Beth™/Zoe Elizabeth Founder, Owner, Brand Namesake. - Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Fashion Designer, Fashionista, Dancer, Choreographer, Director & More!

Zoe Beth™started out as a young musical theatre starlet, and has now risen as a (former) professional ballerina, to Wilhelmina Model, to fashion designer, and Pop-Princess. From there she expanded to directing film, and producing music and short films as well as music videos.

Now that she has established herself, she is taking her brand internationally. Offering music, musical theatre, acting, and dancing lessons both in person and abroad via the online community.

ZB™ Productions also offers songwriting and producing of other musicians work. Our effort is to make people stand out and shine at whatever they do best.

We are non-profit, and have bases in both the USA (Sedona, AZ; Los Angeles, CA; Westchester, NY; New York, NY; Doylestown, PA); and London, United Kingdom.

Music Award-Winning Artist Zoe Beth™'s music can be heard on radio stations worldwide. She is a member of BMI, as well as many other elite organizations. Zoe has also taught many gifted students, in her short lifetime, that have gone on to succeed in national and international media. - Teaching is her second love; first is obviously the stage itself.

Lead Producer : M. Captain - Orchestration/Songwriter for ZB™ Productions

Her business partner Marie Captain or M. Captain is a composing/charting/songwriting force to be reckoned with! She has many New-Aged albums that have been published, as well as has a resume of great talents in musically directing Regional Theatre in New York, as well as owning a theatre company that has brought several current-working professionals, on Broadway, behind the scenes, Broadway Agents, and filmwork. She is proud of each and every one.

Our mission is simple: To spread the love of creativity and the arts be it onstage, backstage, and give anyone from that age of 3 years to 99 the confidence to be themselves. Be it as a student, an actor or actress; a surgeon or a lawyer; on anything else in between.

What do all those professions have in common? -You have to get up, speak in front of others. To play an instrument, to create, or to act... You learn confidence in yourself, and then talking in front of others, is a piece of cake! (That's simplified... but still it's the truth).

Please take a look at our site, or any of our sites, there should be something for everybody!!

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