So many of us run through our lives with fears hanging over our heads: fears of failures, fears of belonging, fears of perfection, fears of objects, fears of people, fears of disappointment, fears of losing others. Our lives are essentially filled with fear, and unfortunately we’re kind of used to it.

Of course, there are some healthier fears, or healthy ways to look at fears. A fear of getting injured, for example, can be useful in the sense that it can prevent you from getting yourself in harm’s way. Or a fear of failing can keep you trying when things don’t work out, like motivation.

However, we can’t let fear control our lives. If we let fear be the pilot of our minds, then we hide ourselves from really being who we truly are! I don’t know if your mind work in the same way that mine does, but if it does, fear is something you’ve become complacent with in your life. DON’T BE COMPLACENT WITH YOUR FEARS. Open up your mind, and starting thinking positively about how you can win in your battle with bad fear. Here’s a couple ways to help you get started on the path to strengthening your mental mayhem:

1. Be Aware:

Do you have a fear? Is it positive or negative? Is it keeping you from getting hurt, or is it making you believe that you will? The difference is simple: healthy fears can keep us and those around us safe from harm. A bad fear, on the other hand, might from prevent us from going outside our comfort zone, making us believe that we will get hurt by things we won’t be harmed by at all. Which do you think it is?

2. Containing the Fear:

What exactly is the fear? Be specific! For example, you can have a fear of heights, but is it still a fear when your on a stable balcony? Is it a fear on a roller coaster? Is it simply a fear of falling? The better you can identify it, the better you can target it. Don’t spread your fear to other places, containing it is the first step to attacking it.

3. Find the Root:

Where did it come from? Sometimes it’s trauma, or a recurring action, and sometimes they appear completely out of the blue! Get to know your fear. The better you understand it, the more ready you are to fight it.

4. Clear Your Head:

Get the junk saying you “can’t do it” out. You’re never going to be a fighter if you don’t stand against it and fight. You can do this! Take a deep breath, and think positive. If you don’t stand against it now, when will you? Stop letting your mind take control and put it off, it only allows fear to grow.

5. Face It:

Go in head first, and do it! You’ve already done so much to get here!It won’t hurt you unless you let it. Although if it physically hurts you, then you might need to go back to Step 1 and figure out if it was a healthy fear or a bad fear.

6. Repeat:

What other fears need to be faced? Do you need to face it again? Think about where you are with the fear right now: have you broken-up with your fear? Have you kicked it out of your home? If it’s still lingering, it can come back. Face it head on again if you need to.

Don’t be complacent with fears. Don’t let it control you. Kick fear out the door, and live in the peace it brings you. Be yourself! Fear is not something you are. You are an amazing human being, and incredible creation, who happens to be the most talented at being YOU.