ZB Productions is named for Zoe Beth Productions, who is known internationally as the original Zoe Beth  Music / Zoe Beth Muzic . Realizing that she covered so much more, she and her team decided to be more general with the all-encompassing word "Productions." Listed on this page as "ZB Productions" or 'ZBP' or "ZBProds".

      ZBP Is a production company that produces original music, concerts, musical theatre performances. It produces variety of music in the Pop, Rock, Dance, Electronica, World, New Age, and Musical Theatre  genres.  It also produces Singer- Songwriter CD’s,  arranges and orchestrates music, builds tracks in recording studios for music for performing artists or musical shows. It writes original music for recording artists and performers. It provides performing artists with charts for their music by working closely with their artists before and during the recording process.

        ZBP has created a Clothing Line called C & G Couture. C+G designs top quality designer couture dresses for VIP and Celebrity Clients, Proms, Weddings, etc. ZoLivia Designs creates custom clothing  and costuming for children, teens, adults and small dogs. C & G Couture participates in Fashion Shows and has participated in 2 Fashion Shows in Los Angeles having it’s Premier Fashion Show in Beverly Hills in 2015.

         ZB Productions is also has inherited the name and is parent company to a 30+ year children-adult Musical Theatre company: Theatre Arts Workshop. We have also had a venue in Sedona, AZ called Stargate Theatre/Sedona Dance Academy.

         ZB Productions represents and manages up-and-coming performing artists and is currently managing  up-and-coming Singer/Songwriter Zoe Beth., and Composer Marie Captain. It also manages and represents Gypsy-Princess McPupperson , a 3 year old Morkie who has appeared in a short film with Edison Carter, Director.


We currently have offices in Sedona, AZ; Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY;  Philadelphia, PA But we are known, Internationally by Zoe Beth's likeness and music.

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To Book a U.S. Appearance/Meeting with any of our Creators please email

Email: Manager.ZBProductions@gmail.com



West Coast Office Address:
ATTN:        ZB™ Productions  
         30765 Pacific Coast Hwy #334
                Malibu, Ca 90265
East Coast Office Address:
ATTN:        Zoe Elizabeth  
                 P.O. Box 213                             Blooming Glen, Pa 18911
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